The Official IVAC Roadmap

A Roadmap for Everyone

For those aware of the original Roadmap designed for ASL Metaverse in Minecraft, we've carried many of these pledges forward but have decided to use this opportunity to inject many new things into the ASL Ecosystem. The Roadmap is not devised on percentages or performance, simply there are a number of objectives to achieve.

Guaranteed Deliverables

Upon selling out 3300 IVAC Apes on September 18th, 2022, the following items are agreed as deliverable by the Project.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a dystopian Post-Apocalyptic Survival Sim Island set within The Platform. This is a privately owned Land-Sim and fully stocked Metaverse where access will be granted to the Holders of IVAC and Generation I AVAC.

Paradise City

Paradise City will be an additionally purchased Metaverse via The Platform which will exist exclusively to benefit the Holders of Generation I, but with allowances made to IVAC Holders for visiting. Paradise City will unlock the full commercial potential of AVAC Generation I utilities as stipulated in AVAC Trait Benefits. Those who hold the ALL-ASL Business Passcan begin taking advantage of commercial ventures, setting up enterprises and Metaverse Businesses.

The Metafund

The Metafund exists as an investment fund held by the Project to invest into whatever the holders of Generation I vote upon as stipulated in the AVAC Trait Benefits. The Metafund benefits the Project overall by seeking to hold tangible assets which will stock the ASL Ecosystem with a whole new layer of Value. Metafund Voters can choose to invest in: Stocks, Start-Ups, NFT Projects, Property. The AVAC and ASL Team will take direction from the Community, and the Team will be appointed to oversee the fun.

Executive Prize Draw

A special Prize Drawing to take place for those within the AVAC/IVAC Community who have obtained the exclusive Executive Role.

Ocean Clean-Up Donation

During Roadmap Iof AVAC Generation I, we donated a large sum of money to the Ocean Clean-Up Charity. This is a cause that is supported by many within the community and we will seek to do exactly the same again through IVAC's Roadmap.


In the interests of Transparency, the Project will also seek to recoup costs for the Metaverse and Campaign leading up to the Mint. Salaries will be deducted and paid to Team Members who are contracted or have made significant contributions to the Project.

Other Deliverables

Other Deliverables means things that are not necessarily guaranteed, and it's important to understand this prior to minting. We will of course go to every effort to make sure that those items listed under "Other" will be delivered, but there could be some considerable time between Minting an IVAC and delivering.

Starline - A Social Media App

Starline will be a Social Media and NFT App that blends together both Web 3 and Web 2. Primarily we will look to release this to all Holders within the ASL Ecosystem with a view to launching publicly and monetising the platform.
We will also examine the possibility to include a Marketplace for NFTs and full NFT PFP optimisation, to make Starline the Go-To place for Social Media and NFT integration. Given the scale and costing attributed to Starline, we have placed this within the Other-Side of our Roadmap but this does not mean we will not prioritise it. Starline will be incredibly lucrative for the Ecosystem overall and provide our community with an unparalleled application that can really become a legacy contribution within the ASL Ecosystem.
Starline was first envisioned by Paul Marlborough, and held within the Ten-Year plan, but due it was felt that this app could be introduced at an early stage in order to compete with contemporaries at a Healthy level.