An introduction to Generation I as featured within the ASL Ecosystem.

The First Generation

The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club represents the first Generation held within the Ape Star Line Ecosystem. On April 9th, 2022, 3300 Titanic Themed Atlantic Apes were minted into existence following a Presale which sold out within 24 hours. AVAC Holds a central role within the ASL Ecosystem and truly benefits from all aspects of reward set forward within our dynamic Ten-Year Plan. Along with the core collection of 3300 Atlantic Apes, a separate collection of 1:1 "Special Apes" was created to maintain a separate floor and allow for continued minting and benefits, long after April 9th. The 1:1 collection are largely based upon Historical Characters and People, but also many specially created or commemorative Apes.
An idea created by Sigerson Bell and Paul Marlborough in 2021, AVAC followed the core theme of Metacruising in Web 3. This "Metacruising" was set within Metaverse Hospitality by offering Holders the unique opportunity to own a Cabin or Stateroom aboard the RAS Titanic - a virtual recreation of Titanic within it's own Metaverse world.


The original idea of the Atlantic Voyage Ape Club was very different to the collection we are presented with today. In fact, according to Sigerson Bell, the collection was set to be called the "Affluent Ape Titanic Society".
After Sigerson took the idea of "AATS" to Paul Marlborough, the two Gentlemen were able to streamline the Project and it was Paul who first suggested the name "AVAC". From there, The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club was born. Realizing that AVAC needed to encompass luxury and exclusivity, it was decided that the total number of NFTs being offered would total 3300. This was also the number of Passengers that the RMS Titanic could hold in full - at any one time during a transatlantic crossing. The date for mint was then set, being April 10th, 2022 - this was to commemorate the date of which the RMS Titanic set upon her Maiden Voyage in 1912.
Both Paul and Sigerson wanted to offer an alternative to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, not just another generative collection. Whilst clearly inspired by The Bored Ape Yacht Club in design, the collection brought a whole new set of traits and characteristics within the Apes.
The Very First AVAC Prototype - featuring a trait (glasses) which never made the final cut

Titanic in the 1990s

The idea of a Titanic within the Metaverse and Metacruising, actually was inspired by Sigerson Bell's interest in a video game during the 1990s. This was a game called "Titanic - Adventure Out of Time". Sigerson would later state in Discord that he was directly inspired by this video game, to introduce Metacruising via building the Titanic in Web 3.

Trait Benefits

One of the core utilities of AVAC Generation I is the interconnected Trait and Reward system that benefits holders through the different Traits of the Apes that they have acquired. In the first instance, Traits reward a Cabin or Stateroom depending on the class of Ape Minted, aboard the RAS Titanic in Web 3. However since the conception of AVAC, many other rewards have been added and attributed to Traits.