it is possible to Pair your AVAC Gen I and IVAC Ape NFT through our exclusive Pairing System. This page will outline the benefits of doing so

Pair your Holdings to unlock benefits!

If you hold two ASL NFTs with the same ID Number then it is possible to pair both, providing they are held within your wallet and unlisted on OpenSea. This is a relatively simple process that will most likely involve your acquiring one or either of the NFTs from the Secondary Market.
The Pairing relates to the ID Number of the NFT which can be viewed in the OpenSea Listing
In the example shown above, AVAC #403 would match with IVAC #403 and this would then successfully pair your NFTs as a couple.
Once you have Paired your first Couple, you are then instantly able to receive the benefits as listed below. If you pair multiple sets of couples then you receive multiple benefits.
Pairing Benefits are only unlocked providing none of your Apes are Listed for Sale on OpenSea and you have submitted your ETH Wallet Address for processing the Pairings Made.
Pairing Payments are shared depending on the number of Apes you have Paired, but then also the quantity of Apes paired beyond 7 couples.
A Couple refers to a set of 2 IVAC/AVAC Apes Paired. The Percentage of Royalty Payments shared depends upon the number of 7 + Couplings made by the time the monthly payments are made.
Payments aim to be delivered on the last working day of every month. 65% of all IVAC Royalties are being paid to holders who reach + 7 Coupling status.
The way this is going to work will be relatively straight forward. The Higher Coupling you have, the more percentage of Royalties out of the overall 65% you’ll get.
In an extreme example, if after IVAC sold out, only one person had a pairing of 7 IVAC and 7 AVAC Apes then they would receive the full 65% of all IVAC Pairing Payment.
This 65% is then divided up amongst others who make the 7+ Pairings, and then if you have a higher number of couples formed then you’ll receive a higher percentage of the overall 65%. Royalties are of course dependant on IVAC Secondary Sales.

Important Information about Pairing

Pairing from the Royalty Pot is not Revenue sharing or an investment, neither should it be viewed as passive income or a certain way to earn money from the Project. Pairing is a competition to earn from a pot of money taken from the Royalties.
Mint Date (September 18th)
Pairing Payment (September 30th)

Using 1:1s or NFTs as Pairing Equivalents

You are able to use certain 1:1 IVAC or AVAC NFTs along with various traited IVAC Apes to constitute a pairing Equivalent, or to use in lieu of a paired match.
Any IVAC or AVAC 1:1 constitutes X 2 Pairings when used in conjunction with the below table.
All IVAC Alien Traited Apes constitute X 3 Pairings when used in conjunction with the below table.

Pairing Benefits

Number of Pairings Made
1 Couple
Eligibility for Future Free Airdrop
2 Couples
Airdrop + Eligibility for future AVAC Coin
3 Couples
Airdrop, Coin Eligibility + Access to Special Paradise City Lounge
4 Couples
Airdrop, Coin Eligibility, Lounge + Automatic Whitelisting for future Project
5 Couples
Airdrop, Coin Eligibility, Lounge, Automatic Whitelisting + Super Whale Status
6 Couples
Airdrop, Coin Eligibility, Lounge, Automatic Whitelisting, Super Whale Status, Paradise City Apartment.
7 Couples
Airdrop, Coin Eligibility, Lounge, Automatic Whitelisting, Super Whale Status, Paradise City Apartment + Percentage of Pairing Pot Earned from IVAC on Opensea
7 +
Higher Pairing Payments