IVAC Trait Guide

Document explaining the benefits of different traited Apes from within the IVAC Collection

Not Just a Profile Picture

Historically we've managed our utilities exceptionally well, introducing "Trait Benefit" features within Generation I, which have then in turn been passed through to IVAC Generation 2. Trait Benefits give added utilities and features for your Apes, based upon the traits given to them as listed under properties in OpenSea.
Most of the time, these traits relate to benefits which can be used within the Metaverse or for the monetisation of your Holdings. Occasionally you may also find Trait Benefits that award prizes or airdrops to holders.

The Official IVAC Trait Guide

X 3 Pairing Points, Access to Alien Ape Planet within Paradise Island,
Access to the Tiki Village within Paradise Island, Permission to set up a vendor or store within the Tiki Village, x 10 Pairing Points for every 10 Tribal Apes held in a wallet.
Skull Face
x10 Pairing Points per Skull Face
X5 Pairing Points per Cigar, Permission to set up Store or Metaverse outlet within Paradise Town, Free Promotion of your NFT Product or Services via Star Line Spaces,
x5 Pairing Points per Tattoo, Permission to set up Vendor or Marketplace within the Tiki Village,
Diamond Eyes
x 5 Pairing Points per Diamond Eye trait when rarity matched with an AVAC Gen I NFT.
Tucci Sunglasses
Free Entry to the ASL Winter Gala
AVAC Badge
x20 Pairing Points, X 2 AVAC Gen I NFTs + AVAC 1:1 (Can only be claimed once per Badge NFT)
Fishing Net
x5 Pairing Points, Fishing net to catch fish within Paradise Island (useful for when ETH Fishing is activated)
Soldier Uniform, Army Helm,
Access to Abandoned Military Base within Paradise Island, Military Uniform Avatar and Ability to takeover areas of Paradise Island and establish a dominion. (Main Faction)
Tiki Costume, Tiki Female, Tiki Mask Basic, Tiki Mask Special
Access to the Tiki Village, Specific Tiki Related Clothing and access to takeover areas of Paradise Island and establish a dominion (Main Faction)
Hawaiian Shirts (Tourists)
All Hawaiian Shirt wearing Apes are considered "Tourists", a Main Faction within Paradise Island. The Tourists have full access to the lower floor of the Metaverse and Paradise Island. Specific Hawaiian Shirt Avatar accessories are given to Tourists.
Tiki Mask Special
x10 Pairing Points
Tesla Bot
x20 Pairing Points
Star Wars Mask
X20 Pairing Points
Indian Hat
x5 Pairing Points
Paul Hat
Access to Paul's Club in Paradise Island - use this for special events, gatherings and hosting occasions. Free entry to the ASL Winter Gala,
Paper Hat
A Paper Hat within the Metaverse, Holding Ten Paper Hat Trait Apes constitutes x 10 Pairing Places
Holding 5 Cat Traited Apes will give you the equivalent of x10 Pairing Points.
Holding 10 Stoned Trait Apes will give you the equivalent of x5 Pairing Points.
Tattooed Sig
Use this at any time to request a Retweet or Promotional Tweet from Sigerson Bell at any time on Twitter. Tweets must be appropriate, non political and within the law.
3 Eyes
x20 Pairing Points when 5 or more are held, use this also to request an RT from any of our Marketing Twitter Accounts (AVAC, IVAC or Ape Star Line)
Hold 10 or more in the same wallet to unlock x5 Pairing Points.
Hold 10 or more in the same wallet to unlock x5 Pairing Points.
Use this to promote a video on the official AVAC YouTube Account, request a personal narration from Paul Marlborough and also a RT from his official Twitter Account: @AVACPaul, additionally x10 Pairing Places are awarded for those who hold 5 or more.
Punk Hair
Hold 10 or more in the same wallet to receive x8 Pairing Points.
Exposed Brain
Use this to advertise on AtlanticVoyageApeClub.com or IslandVoyageApeClub.com - adverts must be small and in PNG/JPEG Format with hyperlinks. An additional x5 pairing places are given to people who hold 5 or more
A Gas of Mask
Advertise with a billboard within Paradise Town, each trait also receives an additional x10 pairing points
x20 Pairing Points per Box
For every 20 Rag Apes held, x10 Pairing Points awarded
Hold 5 Teletubby's in your wallet in combination with 7 Paired IVAC/AVAC NFTs and apply for a + 20 Pairing Boost
Cuban Shirt
Hold 5 Cuban Shirt's in your Wallet and apply for a + 20 Pairing Boost + hold 10 or more and request for a business tweet from any of our main marketing accounts.
Wax Hair
For every 10 held in a wallet, 5 Pairing Points are awarded
Silked Hair
For every 10 held in a wallet, 8 pairing Points are awarded
Hold 2 of these and claim x5 Pairing Points
For every 10 held in a wallet, 5 Pairing Points are awarded
For every 10 held in a wallet, 4 pairing Points are awarded
For every 10 held in a wallet, 3 pairing points are awarded
Torn Suit
Hold a Torn suit and IVAC 1:1 to claim + 20 Pairing Points
Polo Shirt
Hold a Polo Shirt and IVAC 1:1 to claim +50 Pairing Points
Saturday Night Fever
Use this to claim + 20 Pairing Points
Parrot Costume
Use this to claim + 10 Pairing Points, when held also in combination with an IVAC 1:1 claim an additional +50 Pairing Points
"Scull" cap
For every 10 held, 5 Pairing Points are awarded