The ASL Ecosystem is releasing IVAC, Generation II in September. Get to know the project in this section of the Manual

Starting Again

Public Sale: September 18th, 2022
Presale: September 17th, 2022.
Price: $220 per IVAC Ape.
The Island Voyage Ape Club (IVAC) welcomes you to experience the ASL Metaverse through a totally new and innovative direction. The Island Voyage Ape Club is a generative collection of 3300 Survival Island Themed Apes, built upon the Ethereum Chain. Along with the NFT Profile Picture, IVAC brings holders a set of clear utilities as outlined – to complement the Ape Star Line Ecosystem, and to follow as the official Generation 2 collection to the Genesis Atlantic Voyage Ape Club.
The Idea behind IVAC was developed after Minecraft pulled the plug on Blockchain Technology being used within the Minecraft Ecosystem—this effectively ended the Metaverse as created by AVAC in Minecraft. Working from an original idea, Project Leader Paul Marlborough developed IVAC with the view to providing a “better alternative” than everything that had already been planned under the Project. To remedy the question of Metaverse, IVAC offers a platform based within an already established Metaverse and attempts to rejuvenate it through NFT accessibility and desirability. The Web 3 gamification of IVAC in fact brings entirely new things into the space, edging at the frontier of a Digital Dream as outlined by the Ape Star Line Ecosystem. The Island Voyage Ape Club’s Metaverse has been titled “Paradise Island”, as part of the ASL Metaverse in Second Life. This is an estate holding purchased and held by the Project, developed by professional builders with bespoke and custom items for the access of IVAC and AVAC Holders only.
Paradise Island is a dynamic Map, offering a Survival Based experience where Holders are set to compete to escape the Island. Not only providing a veritable survival experience, but Paradise Island also offers a Club-House zone for AVAC and IVAC Holders, enabling them to enjoy the Metaverse in a way that has never before been granted for Holders of other Smart Projects. Within the Paradise Island “sim” are also AVAC Deed Holdings which are guaranteed Land Estates for a select number of AVAC Generation I Holders.
What we are setting out to achieve is a virtual-reality set within a fully stocked and multi-functional long established Metaverse. By implementing Web 3 Assets through incredible development and new immersion, we are able to create a living Environment within the Paradise Island Estate. Qualifications for entry require the holding of an AVAC Generation I or IVAC Generation II, other residents of the Platform will not be allowed to enter the Paradise Island Estate.
Along with the Metaverse Utility and application, you will find an incredible package of offers within the Roadmap as outlined in this Documentation.