Roadmap II (Metacruising)

Roadmap 2 - also known as the "long-term plan" was the Roadmap to address Metacruising and the RAS Titanic
Roadmap II addresses the creation of the RAS Titanic within the Metaverse and is billed as the "Long-Term Plan", given the significant amount of time to elapse between the mint of Generation I and the delivery of the RAS Titanic. This is why Generation I was minted on Roadmap I to give immediate rewards to Holders.
Roadmap II is not a percentage-based Roadmap, rather, a set of co-ordinated plans to obtain Metacruising within Web 3.


In the video linked above, you can listen and watch Project Leader describe and outline his vision for Metacruising in Web 3, via the RAS Titanic. The Idea is simply to provide Cabins and Staterooms aboard a virtual recreation of the RMS Titanic within the ASL Ecosystem, known as the RAS Titanic. Metacruising offers plausible virtual vacationing and hospitality within Web 3, allowing holders to enjoy and experience the grandeur of one of History's most opulent voyages.
All AVAC Holders will take part in the Maiden Voyage - after this, you will then be given the chance to lease out your stateroom/cabin to others through the AVAC Exchange
Click this link and use your VR Headset to view an example of how our project may look:


As of 29th of July 2022, the outside shell of the Ship is ready to be used within the Metaverse. Developers are currently examining the Unity Platform as a way to house the game internally and there has been the speculation that the RAS Titanic could be released by the end of 2022, as opposed to April 2023.
Click here to view the Development so far (make sure you are a member of our Discord Community to view)
There was some initial debate regarding the platform of choice for the RAS Titanic, whether either this would be housed on Unity or Unreal Engine 5. As of July 2022, the agreed plan is to build via the Unity Platform.