Roadmap I

AVAC Generation I minted on Roadmap I, often described by Sigerson Bell as a "love-letter" to holders. This was a Roadmap about Celebrating and rewarding those who had been involved with the Project.
Percentage of Mint
We pay back our eccentric Uncle who helped fund the project
Collaborations with other Artists and projects, AVAC YouTube created and 2 ETH added to the Community Wallet.
3 AVAC NFTs will be airdropped to a random lucky holder, a further 2 ETH is added to the Community Wallet.
We will make a large donation to The Ocean Clean Up, a Non-Profit Organization seeking to clear our Oceans of polluting plastics. A further 2 ETH is added to the Community Wallet.
Merchandise Store Unlocked, all AVAC Holders will be able to purchase T-Shirts and other AVAC Merch.
A Further 2 AVAC NFTs are Airdropped to one lucky Holder.
We will pay for “AVAC” Skywriting to be appear at a TBA location somewhere in the United States.
6 X 1 ETH will be distributed at random to 6 lucky Holders who got onto the Whitelist. The 6 ETH will come from the Community Wallet.
AVAC Treasure Hunt Launched – One Winner will be rewarded a Cruise for 2 on the RMS Queen Mary 2—Paid and bought for by AVAC) + one Rare AVAC NFT and 2 ETH Spending Money.
The Second AVAC Treasure Hunt will be Launched—One Winner will be flown out to meet and spend the weekend with Sigerson Bell & Co at an undisclosed worldwide location. This will be subject to a prior NDA Signing and Agreement.