ASL Deeds

Information pertaining to the November 2022 release of ASL Deeds for AVAC Gen I Holders.
ASL Deeds are being airdropped in the Month of November, they will only be airdropped once and you'll need to qualify for the following in order to receive an ASL Deed.
  1. 1.
    Owner of Either a Lord or Lady AVAC Gen I Ape
2. Owner of an AVAC/IVAC 1:1 (Each 1:1 receives x5 Deeds)
3. Must have used Pairing to make x100 Pairs, and at every x100 Pairs made a Deed is allocated either through Pairing Points or the traditional method of pairing.
ASL Deeds represent land parcels within the ASL Metaverse, the holder of the Deed owns the Land Parcel and is permitted to whatever he/she likes. A Deed Holder can own multiple deeds and request that they are placed next to one another, although if you are able to get in early during the first days of the Deed Drops then you'll be able to select exactly where you would like your Deed to be placed within the "Deed Room".
Before you are able to use ASL Deeds, it is important that you have followed the steps outlined in Getting Started If you have not done this already, then the Deeds will remain untethered and unconnected to a Land Parcel within the ASL Metaverse.
Once you have connected with the ASL Metaverse in Second Life, the video below will outline exactly how you can begin using the ASL Deeds.
Can I purchase ASL Deeds directly from the Marketplace?
You'll need to buy them from the Secondary Market (direct from holders) if you were not eligible for the initial airdrop. You will not need an AVAC Gen I Ape in order to use them, although it is highly recommended that you do.
Can I move my Deeds around so that they are all next to each other?
Providing you have properly claimed your Deeds via the Deed-Room, you are then able to request a move around via the ticketing system. We will do our best to accommodate this for AVAC Gen I Holders as a matter of priority.
What does it mean to "Claim" and "Buy" the Land when accessing the Deed-Land for the first time?
You'll hold the ASL Deed, but you'll need to tether it with the Land. This is done via the Deed Room where a map of the total number of ASL Deeded parcels currently available is accessible. You simply click the Deed whereby you want to tether, and then hit "Claim", and the deed will turn red once it has been claimed. You should also accept and take the "Landmark" offered (this will contain your deed number), You can then double click the landmark in your inventory and it will take you directly to your deeded Parcel. Once you have arrived at the parcel, you'll simply need to click the deed and press "buy", at no cost to you as you are the Deed Holder. Once you have bought the land (tethered) you'll then be able to begin enjoying it.
I have no time for a "game", and I certainly have no intentions of accessing Second Life, what good is a Deed to me?
ASL Deeds are in fact NFTs within their own right, whilst the connected utility is only Metaverse land - you may also choose to sell your ASL Deed upon the Secondary Market to allow for other Holders to capitalise from greater Deeded lands. Of course the price will be for the Secondary Market to determine as is the nature of NFTs.