Welcome to the official Guidebook for Holders within the ASL Ecosystem. Here you will find detailed information relating to all projects and services held within the Ape Star Line Ecosystem.

The ASL Ecosystem, an Introduction

The Ape Star Line Ecosystem is the glue that holds all of our Projects together, an extraordinarily dynamic set of utilities and benefits for Holders within our Communities. Through the ASL Ecosystem you are able to claim Trait Benefits, access to Metaverses or even eventual Coin Offerings. As an Organization we seek to excel and position ourselves above fellow contemporary Projects by offering the best utilities to our Holders. Given that the ASL Ecosystem with it's scale and size may appear confusing at times to those looking inward, we have produced this Holder Manual to help inform and guide.
This Manual then, exists as the go-to-guide for any information related to the ASL Ecosystem or for holders trying to understand what benefits are unlocked within their AVAC or IVAC Holdings. All information posted here should be regarded as Canon, updated regularly by the Ape Star Line Team.

What is an Ecosystem?

Ownership and trade are vital aspects of prevalent human culture. However, human concepts of, and our need for, ownership extend far beyond the practical necessities of food, land, resources, and energy. Throughout history, our most prized possessions have often been things with no direct useful or economic purpose. We have created and destroyed, fought over, won, and lost, items of emotional and cultural currency such as religious icons, jewellery, and art that represent the less tangible of our being. Things that manifest the unmanifest codify our ideas and encapsulate our humanity.
A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (Blockchain). Although NFTs use the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies, what distinguishes them is their lack of interchangeability (fungibility). Each NFT has a unique blockchain address. This characteristic enables NFTs to act as a digital twin for any unique digital or physical asset to provide public proof of ownership.
As a Community of NFT Holders, we have formed an Ecosystem - a complex network of interconnecting and harmonized utilities that benefit Holders within this network. Utilities range from access to Ape Star Line owned Metaverse Projects, Cryptocurrency Offerings and Real-World Benefits. The Ape Star Line largely rejections the notion of staking per NFT - viewing this as a crass old fashioned way to score cheap utility. There is growing concern within the wider legal world regarding the regulation of financial services offered within the Cryptocurrency World, and we have always attempted to set ourselves above this. Therefore, instead of offering a staking or passive income program - we instead offer a deluxe set of direct utilities accessible to our holders, giving value and worth to the acquisition of an Ape Star Line created NFT.
Our Massive Ecosystem
Holding one of our NFTs effectively constitutes club membership, granting you access to a plethora of benefits through your Holding. The above map outlines just a few of the benefits offered. These are all non Roadmap based benefits, meaning that they have been applied after the point of sale has been conducted via the NFT Mint. Therefore, you can always rest safe in the knowledge that as a Project we are constantly expanding and adding further layers of value beyond any First, Second or Third Generation NFT Collection.
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